Major fashion retailer gets rid of separate plus-size section

Model Starts Movement to Eliminate 'Plus Size'
Model Starts Movement to Eliminate 'Plus Size'

Online fashion retailer, ModCloth, is taking steps forward for body positivity by removing the plus-size section from their website. Now, shoppers size 0 to 4X can shop all in one place.

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In a blog post on their website, ModCloth says they're "retiring the plus." Now, you can find all of the styles available in sizes beyond Large in "Extended Sizes" beneath the main categories.

They also explain they're getting rid of the term "plus" because "some folks really don't like the term." The company concluded that shopping categories should be defined by clothing type, not body type.

Although ModCloth is making positive moves forward, there's still a ways to go. The blog explains that their own "ModCloth label" offers a full array of sizes, but not all designers do. They hope that progressive moves like this will spark the conversation for body inclusivity.

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Take a look through ModCloth's Instagram, in the name of body positivity:

See photos of Tess Munster (aka Tess Holliday), the plus-sized feminist model sparking a revolution:

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