'Law & Order: SVU' to air Josh Duggar inspired episode

Josh Duggar in Rehab for Reported Sex Addiction After Admitting Infidelity
Josh Duggar in Rehab for Reported Sex Addiction After Admitting Infidelity

"Law & Order: SVU" is no stranger to letting real-life cases influence their line-up. The award-winning television series frequently incorporates some of the biggest headlines into their scripts. Their latest project is no exception.

E! News confirmed Monday an upcoming episode will be based on the infamous Josh Duggar incident. Duggar reportedly sexually molested five underage girls, including his sisters. And just a few months after those initial reports surfaced, Duggar yet again made headlines after it was revealed he was a victim of the Ashley Madison hackers, exposing evidence that he had cheated on his wife Anna.

The network claimed that the themed episode titled "Patrimonial Burden" will center around a large family with a reality TV show. Sound familiar?

Of course, the "Law & Order" will depart from reality on one key plot twist. Investigators will discover that one of the 13-year-old daughters is pregnant.

"Patrimonial Burden" is set to air Wednesday, Nov. 4th and we're sure you won't want to miss it. Time to get your DVR prepped and ready-to-go.

For more on the Josh Duggar scandal, scroll through the gallery below:

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