DUI suspect tells cops: 'My dog was driving that car'

Manatee County Sheriff's Office

We've all heard the excuse, "my dog ate my homework," but what about "my dog drove my car?"

A Florida man who was arrested for driving under the influence last Wednesday claims he wasn't the one behind the wheel. In fact, the man claims it was his dog who was driving the vehicle.

Reliford Cooper was arrested by authorities in Sarasota, Florida after he drove into two ditches and hid in the bathroom of a church, but maintains it was his dog who was riding dirty, according to WFTS.

Officers first spotted Cooper's car speeding through a neighborhood street around 8:00 pm on Wednesday. After failing to stop the vehicle, a chase was initiated between Cooper and a deputy.

Cooper traveled into a ditch before overcorrecting his car, eventually going right through another ditch before crashing into a home.

According to deputies, once the vehicle was stopped, the suspect got out of the car and began running behind houses. Soon, a pastor contacted authorities to report someone hiding inside the bathroom of the church.

After churchgoers forced Cooper to leave, deputies were there to arrest him.

Cooper then began swearing and shouting spontaneous comments.

"I wasn't driving that car," he told police.

Cooper also allegedly asked deputies,"Who was chasing me? You're slow as ****!"

The arresting officer caught a large whiff of alcohol and marijuana coming from the suspect. But Cooper remained defiant and denied everything -- even driving the vehicle.

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Cooper then reportedly began vomiting, claiming he had a back injury. After a quick visit to a local hospital, Cooper was transported to jail.

He was charged with driving while intoxicated and damage to property and is currently being held at Manatee County Jail.

Watch what happens when a dog really got behind the wheel of his owner's truck:

Dog Drives Owner's Truck Into the Lake
Dog Drives Owner's Truck Into the Lake

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