10 best scented candles for fall


Fall is just the best -- sweater season, boot season, pumpkin-spice latte season, and of course, candle-burning season! It is officially cold enough again to start lighting candles. Hallelujah! Is there anything more wonderful?

For those of us (most of us) without the privilege of having a fireplace in our living room, scented candles are the next coziest thing, especially since you can buy them in so many difference scents from 'wood-burning fireplace' to cinnamon apple cider to pomegranate patchouli, and so many more.

Each fragrance is more delicious than the next, wafting through our homes and into our hearts. Plus, candles could not be more versatile. They are great for a romantic evening with that special someone, a Netflix marathon in your pajamas with a cup of hot cocoa or a stress-relieving, at-home spa night in the tub listening to Norah Jones. Regardless of your activity, candles only make it better!

Looking for the perfect fragrance this fall? Click through the gallery below to see our favorites.

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