Rebecca Minkoff reveals what it's like to see her handbags on the streets

Rebecca Minkoff Answers Audience Questions
Rebecca Minkoff Answers Audience Questions

Now a days, you can't go anywhere without seeing a Rebecca Minkoff handbag at least once -- if not much, much more -- while you're walking down the street. They've become a mainstay in American fashion.

So imagine what it's like to see your designs in real life for the first time? Pretty surreal right. At least Rebecca Minkoff thought so. During an exclusive AOL BUILD interview, the iconic designer revealed the moment when she saw someone else wearing her bag.

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Of course, she also had a bit of a freak out.

"When it first happened I ran up to a girl and said 'That's my bag!'. And then she was like 'It's my bag!" Then I had to say 'No, no no, I designed it.' So I obviously don't do that anymore."

To see more highlights from the RMXAOL fashion show, check out the slideshow below:

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