Bill and Hillary Clinton celebrate 40 years of marriage on social media


Bill and Hillary Clinton are the definition of a political power couple. Today, the duo shared some stellar throwback pics of each other to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on Twitter.

The former President of the United States reminisced on the marriage with a sweet photo of the two.

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Soon, his wife and presidential hopeful returned the favor with her own picture.

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The couple first met in 1970 at the library at Yale University and went on their first date just days later.

Hillary Clinton told ABC News' Barbara Walters back in 2003 that there was an "immediate attraction" between the two.

Despite the ups and the downs, the couple continues to remain at each others' sides and their marriage seems stronger than ever.

Scroll through the gallery to see more photos from the Clintons throughout the years:

Happy Anniversary, Bill and Hillary!

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