World Mental Health Day brings attention to the staggering number of people suffering worldwide

Bringing Up Mental Health Issues
Bringing Up Mental Health Issues

Did you know that one in four people worldwide suffer from a mental or neurological disorder at some point in their lives?

Today is World Mental Health Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.

%shareLinks-quote="At the root of this dilemma is the way we view mental health in this country. Whether an illness affects your heart, your leg or your brain, it's still an illness, and there should be no distinction. " type="quote" author="Michelle Obama" authordesc="Change Direction, Mental Health Event" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Organized by The World Health Organization (WHO), this year's theme is "dignity in mental health" and aims to dissolve the stigma that still surrounds mental illness today.

According to WHO, the most common mental health issues worldwide include depression, bipolar affective disorder, schizophrenia, dementia, and autism.

%shareLinks-quote="It is an odd paradox that a society, which can now speak openly and unabashedly about topics that were once unspeakable, still remains largely silent when it comes to mental illness." type="quote" author="Glenn Close" authordesc="Huffington Post" isquoteoftheday="false"%

As mental illness affects so many worldwide, you would think that the stigma would be erased by now...but this unfortunately isn't the case. This is where celebrities like Demi Lovato and Glenn Close come in.

Lovato's joint campaign with mental-health organizations called Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health. Lovato, who was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, is using her celebrity status to get the world out in a brave and powerful way.

Actress Glenn Close started the nonprofit Bring Change 2 Mind to raise awareness for mental health after her sister Jessie was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and her nephew, with schizoaffective disorder.

According to SAMHSA, Vermont has the highest rate of serious mental illnesses, with 5.5% of the state's population falling into this category:

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