Today in history: Christopher Reeve passes away at the age of 52

Today in History For October 10th
Today in History For October 10th

On this day in 2004, actor Christopher Reeve passed away from cardiac arrest.

The "Superman" legend, who died in 2004 at the age of 52, was not only an icon on the screen, but also a force in the world of spinal cord injury treatment, having suffered an injury himself back in 1995.

Reeve first rose to fame 37 years ago when he starred in the hit film, "Superman: The Movie." Yes, there had been men various men who strapped on the cape, but it was something about Reeves' magnetic, and alluring performance for which all future Supermen would be judged.

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The 1978 Superman film went to the then unknown actor, whom many see as the ultimate Superman figure. However, starring alongside the likes of Gene Hackman and Marlon Brando, it's safe to say the film was a success.

Christopher Reeve
Christopher Reeve

The Superman film series was probably the most notable of the eighties, having spawned "Superman 2," "Superman III" and "Superman IV." While starring in a variety of other roles, it seemed as though Reeve couldn't shy away from the big "S" on his chest.

However, Reeve's life came to sudden halt after a horse riding accident in May of 1995. When he was riding, his horse didn't make it's mark to jump. When the horse abruptly stopped, Reeve fell off and landed on his handed, causing him to become paralyzed from the neck down.

It was this accident that would define many, but for Superman, it didn't stop him. He was confident in making the most of his life and became a spokesman for the spinal cord injuries. What better person to look up to than Superman?

It's safe to say that Christopher Reeve will always be legend, both in the sky and on the ground.

See more from Christopher Reeve in the gallery below.

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