This may be the actual reason why Netflix raised its price

Netflix's About to Get More Expensive
Netflix's About to Get More Expensive

Netflix recently announced that their subscription prices for the "two-screen" plan are about to go from the original $8.99 to $9.99. The plan is what lets users stream HD movies from two different devices simultaneously. The change will affect new users in the US, Canada and parts of Latin America while old users will be charged the extra dollar only starting on October 2016. The company claimed that the change in price is necessary to bring more high-quality, original content to the service but, according to Business Insider, Goldman Sachs says that there is another reason behind the decision.

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Goldman, in fact, believes that the higher price is because too many users were sharing their password and the goal is to reduce such cases by pushing people to opt for the "one-screen" plan for single use or the "four-screen" plan for families. If users starts moving towards the "one-screen" plan, they would be much less likely to casually share their passwords, since they may not be able to access the service if someone else is using it at the same time.

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