Rebecca Minkoff says this is the key to a successful business

Rebecca Minkoff Answers Audience Questions
Rebecca Minkoff Answers Audience Questions

Rebecca Minkoff's brand may appear on the surface as a one-woman show, but the iconic designer is quick to say her success isn't without the help of many other people behind the scenes.

During the exclusive AOL BUILD with the American creative icon, one audience member asked what was the key to Minkoff's tremendous success in the fashion industry.

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Rebecca Minkoff's brother, Uri, serves as her CEO and was front row center for her Athleisure fashion show. "I'm lucky that my brother the CEO and our President is in the audience today -- that's been there since day one..."

Her business motto boils down to one key factor: you're only as great as the people you surround yourself with.

Minkoff finished her piece of advice to the audience member by encouraging her, and other men and women interested in flourishing in the fashion industry, to "connect with entrepreneurs in the same field."

Seeing how quickly Minkoff rose to fashion stardom, we think it's safe to say the designer definitely knows what she's talking about.

To see more highlights from the show, scroll through the gallery below:

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