This Instagram account collects the most depressing location names on the planet

There are many exotic sounding places that draw the attention of millions of tourists every year, but what about the spots that were unfortunate to get a really, really sad name? An Instagram account thinks they deserve our attention just as much. Sadtopographies is a user that collects all the places with the saddest names on earth and delivers them to the masses. Some of these are incredibly funny, others will make you wanna book a ticket for the farthest place from them to avoid creepy outcomes or majorly depressive vacations.

Each post is a screenshot from Google Maps. Check out some of the best ones in this gallery:

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This Instagram account collects the most depressing location names on the planet
Tragedy Pool, Camballin, Australia #tragedy
End of the World, California U.S #endoftheworld
Alone, Brescia Province, Italy #alone
Dead Dog Island, Killarney, Canada #deaddog
Grumpy Dog Rd, Libby, U.S #grumpydog
Killer Lake, Addington Highlands, Canada #killer
Bloody Springs, Mississippi, US #bloody
Sorrow Islands, British Columbia, Canada #sorrow
Sorrow Islands, British Columbia, Canada #sorrow
Heartache Rd, East Helena US #heartache
Misery, France. #misery
Despair Island, Rhode Island, US #despair
Nowhere Else, Tasmania, Australia #nowhereelse
Slaughter Beach, Delaware, US #slaughter
Cape Disappointment, Washington U.S #disappointment
Terror Lake, Alaska #terror
Little Hope, Texas #littlehope
Massacre Island, Subd, Canada #massacre #explorecanada
Death Road, Marys Mount, Australia #death
Depression Pond, Dover U.S #depression
Sad Road, Lancaster KY, U.S. #sad #depressingplaces
Mount Despair, Montana, U.S. #despair

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