This Instagram account collects the most depressing location names on the planet

Disappointment Island, New Zealand #disappointment

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There are many exotic sounding places that draw the attention of millions of tourists every year, but what about the spots that were unfortunate to get a really, really sad name? An Instagram account thinks they deserve our attention just as much. Sadtopographies is a user that collects all the places with the saddest names on earth and delivers them to the masses. Some of these are incredibly funny, others will make you wanna book a ticket for the farthest place from them to avoid creepy outcomes or majorly depressive vacations.

Each post is a screenshot from Google Maps. Check out some of the best ones in this gallery:

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This Instagram account collects the most depressing location names on the planet
Tragedy Pool, Camballin, Australia #tragedy
End of the World, California U.S #endoftheworld
Alone, Brescia Province, Italy #alone
Dead Dog Island, Killarney, Canada #deaddog
Grumpy Dog Rd, Libby, U.S #grumpydog
Killer Lake, Addington Highlands, Canada #killer
Bloody Springs, Mississippi, US #bloody
Sorrow Islands, British Columbia, Canada #sorrow
Sorrow Islands, British Columbia, Canada #sorrow
Heartache Rd, East Helena US #heartache
Misery, France. #misery
Despair Island, Rhode Island, US #despair
Nowhere Else, Tasmania, Australia #nowhereelse
Slaughter Beach, Delaware, US #slaughter
Cape Disappointment, Washington U.S #disappointment
Terror Lake, Alaska #terror
Little Hope, Texas #littlehope
Massacre Island, Subd, Canada #massacre #explorecanada
Death Road, Marys Mount, Australia #death
Depression Pond, Dover U.S #depression
Sad Road, Lancaster KY, U.S. #sad #depressingplaces
Mount Despair, Montana, U.S. #despair

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