This food hack for peeling garlic in a jar will completely up your cooking game


Love eating garlicky foods but HATE peeling garlic itself? We're here to help! While this strong-smelling bulb often adds so much flavor to our foods, we can't help getting annoyed every time we have to prepare it. See, similarly to the onion (which we ALSO hate peeling, by the way) -- garlic cloves are only ready to cook when properly peeled. In order to do this, you typically need to use your hands and a bit of muscle. But today, we're making it easy just for you. We've got a trick for peeling garlic in a jar that literally takes on a few seconds and some strong wrist action.

Interested? Here's how it works:

  • You'll need: a glass jar and some garlic (of course)

  • Place the unpeeled garlic in the jar and shake, shake, shake

  • Do this until the garlic is completely peeled inside

  • WALLAH! Freshly peeled garlic ready for cooking

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5 Fast and Easy Ways to Peel Garlic
5 Fast and Easy Ways to Peel Garlic

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