These 6 Prime hacks will make you save big on Amazon

6 Prime Hacks to Save Big on Amazon
6 Prime Hacks to Save Big on Amazon

If you are an Amazon Prime user there are a few tricks that can help you get the most out of your subscription. If you are not a Prime user, you can join here for a free month.

Let's get you started with these simple hacks that are going to score you some awesome deals:

1) Get an extra free month of Prime

If any of your items is not delivered within the beloved 2-day shipping time, contact Amazon customer support and they will give you one extra month of Prime at no additional cost.

2) Earn Amazon Instant Video credit

You can opt out of rush delivery and get rewarded with credits to watch the movies offered with Amazon Prime.

3) Get six months of free Amazon Prime

College students get a half-year free Prime membership with their .edu email address, but if you don't cancel it by the end of the six months you will be automatically credited with $49 for the yearly subscription.

4) Save money on text books is a website that compares the prices of a book across all vendors on Amazon and finds the best deals for you.

5) Use coupons

Just like any other big store, Amazon has coupons too. Go on and get discounts on thousands of items.

6) Get refunds if the price changes

This trick is for Prime and non Prime members. If you buy something and you notice that the price decreases within seven days of your purchase you can contact customer service and request a refund for the difference.

You are now ready to go and conquer the e-commerce universe!

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