Police find chilling item in teen's lap after car accident

Teen Fighting For His Life After Likely Texting While Driving
Teen Fighting For His Life After Likely Texting While Driving

A 16-year-old boy is in critical condition fighting for his life after suffering serious injuries in a car accident on Monday. Witnesses say the accident may have been caused by texting and driving.

James Boatright from Des Moines, Iowa was found unconscious in a blue Chevy Cavalier after the car was totaled by a pickup truck. According to police reports, the teen pulled into oncoming traffic. It's likely that he was texting and therefore didn't realize that he was driving directly into fast-moving cars. Sergeant Dan Charleston of the Polk County Sheriff's Office said:

"I got out and could see that he was trapped in there on the driver's side of the vehicle and there was a lot of smoke inside which is consistent with the airbag deployment. I got into the passenger side door and looked at him and he had some head trauma on the left side and he was clearly unconscious and had a lot of blood on his face."

Next, Sergeant Charleson looked down and found something startling. The teen had a cell phone in his lap with a half-written text. Charleson said:

"When I'm working on him inside the car what appeared to be his mom screaming over my shoulder, concerned with her son. That sticks with you. And no text is worth hearing screams of a mother literally wanting to know if her son's going to live or die."​

One in every four car accidents involve cell phone distractions. James is currently in critical condition and we're hoping for a full, safe recovery. Our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.

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