Here's a faster way than putting your phone in rice to dry it


Next time you drop your phone in the toilet, forget the old technique of putting it in rice to dry. There's a better and faster way to do it. Leaving your phone in rice takes up to days for the water to be completely absorbed and get out of your device, so a company called TekDry is bringing electronics-drying stations around the US. For $70 they will put your device in a special vacuum chamber that sucks the liquid out of the piece of technology in a matter of minutes.

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According to Business Insider, TekDry has an 80 percent success rate to rescue your phone in a half-hour if you bring it to them within 48 hours of getting wet. The price may not seem the most affordable, but it's still way cheaper than having to purchase a brand new phone. Though imagine the amount of rice you could buy for $70.

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