Scary but awesome beauty trend: Rubber face masks

Scary But Awesome Beauty Trend: Rubber Face Masks
Scary But Awesome Beauty Trend: Rubber Face Masks

Rubber face masks are huge in Asia or Europe -- and they've finally made it overseas. Even though it may look a little scary, the masks are truly amazing.

A rubber mask, which has been a mainstay in Korean spas for decades, is completely different from the traditional paper sheet mask, because they get rid of the paper as a conduit. This allows for an extra dose of hydration and nourishment to your skin.

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While paper masks can actually pull moisture out of your skin if left on for too long, rubber masks can stay moist for up to 72 hours, allowing all of those amazing ingredients to penetrate your skin for so much longer.

Rubber masks, which don't contain any actual rubber by the way, are a bit of a DIY. They come in a little tub that contains dry powder. Then, you add hot water to the tub, mix it all around and spread that goop all over your face. And that's your mask.

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After you peel it off, you'll notice that your skin doesn't feel damp or wet like it does with a paper mask. And even though these masks are a bit messier than the paper ones, your skin will look soft and glowy, and you'll feel like you just chugged eight glasses of water.

Your skin will look totally moisturized from within. So, whether you're looking to fix a really bad skin day, or unwind with a nice spa night at home, try Korea's best skincare secret.

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