Rescued baby pig trots around in handsome purple sweater

Rescued Baby Pig Trots Around in Handsome Purple Sweater
Rescued Baby Pig Trots Around in Handsome Purple Sweater

Some little piggies went to market, but this little piggie got go to an awesome home and live a happy life instead of becoming bacon.

Staff at the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary say this pig named Carrot was born the runt of the litter at a Virginia farm and rejected by his mother. So farmers were bottle feeding him and caring for him themselves. Sanctuary workers say they asked if the adorable tiny pig and could come to the Sanctuary to live. and since the pig was small, they agreed.

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After arriving at his new home, he was given a new name, Irwin, and best of all, a stylish purple sweater to wear. Look how handsome he is!Irwin joins 48 other pig rescues at the animal sanctuary as well as several other sweater-wearing farm animals including this adorable 3 legged goat named Evie,as well as a sheep with a walker.

There are also cows that work as alarm clocks, and a peacock who serves as a lovely decoration for the bird bath.This is pretty awesome for little Irwin, and serves as proof that sometimes the little guy does in fact win.

Check out these adorable animal and baby BFFs:

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