Meet Target's first plus-size male model the internet is swooning over

The Plus-Sized Man Movement
The Plus-Sized Man Movement

In the appearance obsessed world we live in today, there is a desperate need for plus-size representation to spread the message of body positivity. While our society has made strides forward, one major group seems to be left out...Men.

Enter Zach Miko, the plus-size male model forcing us to confront the question...where are all the plus-size male models?

At 6 foot 6 inches, this New York stud is causing quite the frenzy after gracing the "Big and Tall" section of Target's website.

Photo via Target

In an interview with Mic, Miko says he "wears clothes until they fall apart" and doesn't understand why people shop for fun.

%shareLinks-quote="You're never confronted with how big you are until you find something that doesn't go on your big-ass body." type="quote" author="Zach Miko" authordesc="Mic" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Maybe if finding plus-sized clothes wasn't such a chore, Miko and millions of others would enjoy shopping a bit more. Target has taken a step in the right direction, hopefully other major retailers will follow suit in the name of body positivity for all.

One Twitter user even tweeted to Miko saying "You are hot. Your wife is lucky."

Take a look at ESPN's "Body Issue:"

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