Man named 'Something Long and Complicated' forced to prove ID to Facebook

Facebook Mistakenly Blocked Man Named 'Something Long And Complicated'

Choosing the right name can be hard. And one man is realizing how hard it can be, especially when the name is Something Long and Complicated -- literally.

A British man whose legal name is Something Long and Complicated ran into problems with his Facebook account this week when the social media service suspended his account, reports UPI.

Complicated told the Mirror Online that he lost all his wedding photos after Facebook shut down his account because site administrators thought his name was fake.

Born as James Woods, the 30-year-old legally changed his name to 'Something Long and Complicated' in 2007.

Complicated also told the Mirror that he also couldn't access sites like Tinder and other Facebook reliant sites, such as Messenger, where he stores all of his friends' contact information.

Complicated had been a Facebook user for over eight years. Although he admitted that he had struggled to verify his identity in the past, the most recent episode was the most complicated (no pun intended).

The man told Mirror Online that he submitted all the necessary documents that proved his identity, including his driver's license, credit card, passport and mail addressed to him. However, the site still left him locked out. He even went so far as to write the social media site personally.

Despite all his efforts, Facebook only reinstated Complicated's account once he sent in the news article about his struggle.

Facebook went on to tell Something Long and Complicated that he would no longer be able to change his name on the site. Should he need to change his name from Something Long and Complicated to Something Short and Easy, he would have to fill out a form.

One British woman went so far as to legally change her name to get back into her Facebook account:
Woman Legally Changes Name To Log Back Into Facebook Account

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