Listen up men! Here are the physical traits women find most attractive

Want to Be More Attractive to the Opposite Sex?
Want to Be More Attractive to the Opposite Sex?

Wondering what's that magic trait is that makes women around the world swoon?

Our friends over at Business Insider have compiled a list backed up by extensive research to uncover the physical traits that the female population desire most in a male.

Now, keep in mind men, physical traits are by no means the most important factor for women when choosing a mate. For long-term relationships, study after study reveals that women are more attracted to trustworthy partners who will give them support.

But, we digress. According to Business Insider, these are the physical traits that women find most attractive:
- Muscles
- Significant beard stubble
- Men who wear the color red
- Symmetrical features
Defined jawline
- Lower pitched voiced
- A pronounced limbal ring around the iris in the eye
- Height

Here are the most attractive cities in the United States:

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