Hormel came up with a way to make Spam even worse

Spam Bites; The Texture of Jerky Meets the Flavor of Spam

Has science finally gone too far? The R&D; team at Hormel has further adulterated Spam — that canned meat you may have eaten once on a camping trip — into something called Spam Snacks, which are, to just go ahead and quote the official description, "dried Spam bites" in a bag. In fact, these things are currently being tested in the canned meat's strongest markets — out West, in the Southeast, and of course inHawaii.

Bags come in three flavors (classic, teriyaki, and bacon) and go for $2.39 each. Hormel is trying to pass them off as a "breakthrough innovation,"but that seems to ignore the fact that beef jerky already exists and is perfectly suited to road trips.

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