Here's how to perfectly accomplish the world's best banana trick

How to Perform the World's Best Banana Trick
How to Perform the World's Best Banana Trick

Want to impress your family and friends at your next fun gathering? We've got you covered! The thing is, appearing to be a magician isn't as easy as you may think -- but doing a few magic tricks every now and then can certainly get you a little closer each time. If you really want to wow those around you (and yourself), you'll want to try this banana trick.

Basically, there's a way to completely slice up a banana without even opening the peel! Cool, right? It may seem strange, but trust us when we say you'll certainly be the life of the party with this one. And the best part? All you need is a needle and of course -- that sweet, yellow fruit.

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Wondering how to do it? Check it out:

  • Start by poking the needle inside the fruit all the way through without puncturing the other side

  • Wiggle the needle back and forth within that spot (this sliced the fruit underneath the peel)

  • When you're done, move the needle down a bit and do the same motion again

  • Continue working your way down the banana

  • Once finished, you'll see only tiny holes on out side of the banana

  • To really wow those around you, turn the banana towards the non-holed side and begin to peel

  • Several slices will appear and you'll be the talk of the town (or group)!

Click through below for yummy ways to use mushy bananas:

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