Harry Potter books come to life in new digital edition

Harry Potter Fans Are Sacrificing Their Socks to Free Dobby
Harry Potter Fans Are Sacrificing Their Socks to Free Dobby

The seven books that make the story that got millions of fans glued to their pages reading about the young wizard's adventures are coming to life thanks to technology. Harry Potter's ebook edition features more than 200 illustrations, half of which are animated or interactive. The effect somehow reminds the readers of the magic photograph typical of the wizard's world that would start moving on newspapers when someone looked at them.

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For now, the e-books are exclusive to Apple's iBooks Store and can be read only on an Apple device. Regular electronic editions are available for other devices, but they don't showcase the incredible animations that offer readers a new way to interact with the story. The revamp of what became a classic publication also offers another chance to the author J.K. Rawling to go deeper into some of the characters' stories with additional notes and to attract even more new readers into the franchise.

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