Gloria Allred on Bill Cosby's upcoming deposition: 'We fight hard and we fight to win'

Gloria Allred Is 'Fighting to Win', Ready for Bill Cosby Deposition
Gloria Allred Is 'Fighting to Win', Ready for Bill Cosby Deposition

Attorney Gloria Allred says she's more than ready for Bill Cosby's court-ordered testimony.

On Wednesday, a judge refused to dismiss Judy Huth's civil suit against the 78-year-old comedian -- in which she accuses Cosby of molesting her in 1974 when she was 15 years old -- which means he'll now have to testify this Friday.

"We have worked to move this case forward," Allred told ET on Thursday. "This is part of the battle -- against a high-profile celebrity, it's always an enormous challenge. But we have, in the past, taken cases against many, many high-profile celebrities and we are very much geared up for that battle and ready for it.

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"I've been practicing for almost 40 years -- that's what we do," she added. "We fight hard and we fight to win."

Allred said she's permitted to take Cosby's testimony for up to seven hours.

"The rule for depositions is that we can ask any question that is relevant and that is reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence -- in other words, any attorney in any civil case taking a deposition has wide latitude in the questions that will be asked," she explained. "We do not wish to preview the questions because Mr. Cosby will be the first to hear what those questions are."

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Huth, who's scheduled to testify on Oct. 15, claims that The Cosby Show star forced her to do a sex act on him while they were at the Playboy Mansion in 1974. While numerous women have come forward claiming they were sexually assaulted by Cosby, the majority of them cannot proceed in court due to the statute of limitations laws for such claims. But since Huth is alleging that Cosby sexually abused her as a minor, her case can be heard.

Cosby has never been charged with a crime, and maintains his innocence.

"This lawsuit, by Judy Huth, is the only one in the nation in which I am aware, which alleges an act of child sexual abuse against Mr. Cosby when she was 15 years old at the Playboy Mansion," Allred said. "I want to say that I think our client is very, very courageous and it's very, very challenging on anyone who files such a lawsuit, but, I believe that she is prepared for this battle, and she is a mom and she has our support, and we know she has the prayers of many, many people around the nation who she has never met."

On Wednesday, Judge Craig D. Karlan ruled to seal Cosby's deposition for 60 days, and continued the hearing on the protective order until Dec. 22, so the court can decide which portions may or may not be kept confidential.

"I always expect any witness who is under oath to come in and take an oath seriously and tell the truth and to give his side of the story," Allred said. "That is what I expect of any witness and we will be ready for whatever comes."

In July, Cosby's 2005 deposition made during a lawsuit filed by a former Temple University employee made headlines when, according to court documents obtained by ET, he admitted that he obtained Quaaludes to give to "young women" that he "wanted to have sex with." The suit was settled on undisclosed terms in 2006.

Over 50 women have now accused the embattled comedian of sexual assault. On Wednesday, Allred said that she has heard from more accusers that have not gone public yet.

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Just last week, three new Cosby accusers came forward, including a former Mrs. America. Watch below:

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Bill Cosby Hit with Civil Lawsuit Calling Him 'Serial Rapist'