First grader charged for having high-powered handgun

First Grader Arrested For Having 'Assault Pistol'

CLEVELAND - The Fox 8 I-Team has learned Cleveland Police arrested a 7-year-old boy for having a TEC-9, a semi-automatic handgun that some people refer to as an "assault pistol."

Police also say a 12-year-old with that young suspect was arrested for having a stun gun and a big knife.

The incident happened Tuesday night near East 79th and Wade Park in Cleveland.

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First grader found with semi-automatic handgun
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First grader charged for having high-powered handgun
(Photo credit: WJW)
(Photo credit: ​WJW)
(Photo credit: ​WJW)

A police report shows, a neighbor saw the 7-year-old loading the magazine of the handgun. The neighbor confronted the boy, and police say he handed over the magazine plus a bag with the gun inside. The report says the boy told police the gun belonged to his mother's boyfriend, and he found the gun in his home.

The I-Team questioned the mother, and she told Fox 8 she doesn't know where the gun was found. She says she's heard multiple stories of how this began.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors say the investigation is ongoing.

Both kids plead not guilty Wednesday in juvenile court.

A magistrate sent both back home with electronic monitoring as the case plays out.

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