Devoted mom uses unconventional method to find daughter a kidney

Couple Goes Mobile With Their Search For A Kidney Donor
Couple Goes Mobile With Their Search For A Kidney Donor

When Karol Franks' 29-year-old daughter, Jenna, was diagnosed with kidney failure, the family tried everything to find a donor. After years on the donor waiting list, the family still had.

The family started using social media, creating a Facebook page and even a hashtag #Kidney4Jenna, reports Fox 11. The family even went so far as to create and upload a video onto YouTube, asking viewers "Are you my type?" in hopes of finding a compatible donor.

However, it's the family's latest effort that's going viral, and surprisingly, the stunt has nothing to do with the Internet.

After the Facebook posts, tweets, videos and Craigslist ads failed to find a suitable kidney for Jenna, the family went mobile -- literally.

KTLA reports that Karol took to the campaign to the streets of Los Angeles last week, with the family's appeal painted on their SUV. The plea read: "DAUGHTER NEEDS KIDNEY TYPE O" along with an email address

Jenna's father told KTLA that the entire incident is almost surreal.

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Photos of the vehicle blew up after being posted by strangers on social media.

One photo posted to Twitter had more than 9,000 retweets.

Despite all the attention on social media, the family has still not found a donor.

According to her Facebook page, Jenna was diagnosed with a rare urological defect and began dialysis in high school.

Although she received a kidney transplant three years later, "that kidney has petered out, and Jenna has started dialysis again," the page writes.

Jenna is on the donor list but according to her family, it can take up to 10 years in Los Angeles to find someone with the same type O blood.

This is not a new situation for the Franks family. Unfortunately, Karol Franks says they've had to deal with kidney failure in the family before.

"My dad died at 28 years old from kidney disease, and my daughter is on dialysis," the mother told KTLA.

%shareLinks-quote="It was scary then and it's scary now...The thought that she has to struggle with this, it's hard. " type="quote" author="Karol Franks" authordesc="Jenna's mom" isquoteoftheday="false"%

For more information on becoming a donor, people are asked to visit the Facebook page or contact the Franks family at

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