Puppy thrown from car window gets very happy ending

Family Rescues Dog That Was Thrown From Car Window

After a family allegedly saw a puppy thrown from a car window in Rogers County, the family has taken the dog under their wing and found it a new home and family to love.

Mariah Nadeau of Claremore, Oklahoma said she and her family saw a man toss a puppy out his car window on Monday when they passed him on the road. Nadeau was furious that the man dumped the poor dog instead of sending her to a shelter. Upon witnessing the incident, she immediately slammed on her brakes and got out to gather the dog. She said:

Due to the dog's sweet demeanor, the family was appalled that anyone would inflict such cruelty on her. They understand that not everyone can care for a puppy, but there are other ways to go about relieving the responsibilities. Nadeau said:

While the family adored the sweet young pup, they weren't able to keep the dog. Therefore, Nadeau's friend Ashley Ebert posted a Facebook plea in the hopes of finding a loving family for the puppy to call her own. After seeing the post, Kimberlee Francis and her husband decided to adopt the dog. Francis said:

The school teacher and her two children picked the dog up on Tuesday. They haven't picked out a name for her yet, but they're confident that she will be a beloved new member of their family. Francis said:

Nadeau said she hopes that this incident will make people more aware of the right way to deal with unwanted pets.

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