Never get wet again with this umbrella sharing system


Let's face it, you buy an umbrella and maybe manage to use it once or twice before the wind turns it into a completely useless piece of junk. If you are lucky and your umbrella survives the breath of the alleys, there's a big chance you may forget it somewhere or not have it with you when it actually starts raining.

A company in Vancouver came up with a solution to everyone's umbrella struggle and applied the concept of sharing economy to the much-hated item. UmbraCity is a service that lets you pick up an umbrella from specific locations and use it at no cost for up to 48 hours. The idea is to offer people a convenient deal to stay dry that is also sustainable. All you have to do is create an account by signing up with your email address and credit card at any kiosk and you can start borrowing umbrellas.

Unfortunately, the service is currently available only on campus at the University of British Columbia, but if it works out there it may expand to the rest of the city, and hopefully, the world.

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