Must watch: Drunk college freshman arrested after mac and cheese freakout

Ranting Student Demands Mac & Cheese, Berates Staff Before Epic Takedown
Ranting Student Demands Mac & Cheese, Berates Staff Before Epic Takedown

This takes "hangry" to a whole new level!

University of Connecticut freshman Luke Gatti has become somewhat of an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons. Gatti was arrested this past weekend after a drunken fight against cafeteria employees at the school's Union Street Market.

So what exactly made Gatti so angry? The intoxicated college student was denied his request for bacon jalapeño mac and cheese for carrying an open alcohol container — and judging from the video below, Gatti really had his heart set on it.

In the footage, you can hear the cafeteria manager tell the student, "You're not welcome here...You have booze on your breath. You told me you're underage. I just saw you with a bottle of booze — you just drank it in front of me."

The drunk student responds with a slew of expletives and bigoted slurs. When each cafeteria employee tries to intervene, he has an insult for them too. Eventually, Gatti shoves the manager, at which point he is tackled by employees and then arrested by police.

See people's reactions on Twitter:

According to Yahoo News, he is charged with breach of peace and criminal trespass and is due in court on October 13.

Mac and cheese sure sounds good right now! Watch the video below for some delicious mac and cheese recipes:

13 Comforting Mac and Cheese Recipes
13 Comforting Mac and Cheese Recipes

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