Man dumps his wife of 4 weeks via WhatsApp

Woman's April Fools' Breakup Text To Boyfriend Backfires

Unlike the couple in the video above, this time it was not a prank. According to The Times of India, a 27-year-old man took bad breakups to a whole new level by dumping his 21-year-old wife over WhatsApp. The man, originally from India, left for Dubai just 10 days after the wedding and four weeks later he texted his wife a "triple talaq," a practice in some forms of Islam that lets the husband divorce his wife by repeating "I divorce you" three times.

The mother of the bride gave the man more than $22,000 in dowry and 80 sovereigns of gold, but the man's reaction caused the girl to drop out of school, together with her sister. The wife filed a complaint and the validity of a "WhatsApp talaq" is being questioned.

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