Grab this gold-encrusted Putin iPhone the world did not need

A $3,200 iPhone 6S Has Putin's Head Encrusted in Gold
A $3,200 iPhone 6S Has Putin's Head Encrusted in Gold

Why would you get a regular iPhone 6s when you can have the Putin edition?

A Russian Jewelry company named Caviar created the Putinphone, a gold-encrusted, titanium-textured iPhone that carries the face of the Russian leader on the back. In case you can't resist the urge to buy this luxurious gadget, you can grab your own for "just" $3,193. The company only made 63 pieces of the Putin iPhones for his anniversary, and each device comes with its number on the side so you can make sure it's part of the limited edition. The iPhone comes with a pretty sleek box. Check out the fancy details in this gallery:

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