7 delicious pizza recipes you can actually make at home

If you want restaurant-quality pizza at home -- don't head to your freezer! We've got four delicious pizza recipes (including one you can eat for breakfast!) that you can actually make yourself!

No. 1: Pizza Masters' Vodka Pizza


First up we have in-depth documentation of how to make the perfect New York style thin crust pizza from Francis Garcia and Sal Basille, the stars of Cooking Channel's Pizza Masters, and co-owners of NYC's Artichoke Basille's Pizza. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch their step-by-step demonstration!)

No. 2: Jessica Alba's Pizza

Rachael Ray Show

Next up, mom, mogul and actress Jessica Alba shares her family's pizza recipe, that she makes for her own kids! She puts jalapenos on her pie for an extra kick.

No. 3: Christopher Kimball's Thin-Crust Pizza

Rachael Ray Show

America's Test Kitchen host Christopher Kimball shares his secret to getting the perfect pizza crust at home -- it's not a pizza stone, it's a pizza steel!

No. 4: Bobby Flay's Tarte Flambé with Softly Scrambled Eggs

Rachael Ray Show

Bobby Flay makes a crowd-pleasing breakfast pizza that he tops with an herbed crème fraiche, bacon, caramelized onions and goat cheese-and-chili scrambled eggs – yum!

No. 5: "Candy Corn" Pizza


This savory pizza is not actually made with candy, contrary to how it might sound! It's a simple cheese pie topped with rings of different colored peppers, so when you slice, the pieces look like candy corn! What a super fun fall treat!

No. 6: Cauliflower Pizza Dough


A figure-friendly and super-healthy pizza dough that you can make with only two ingredients? Yes, please!

No. 7: Pizza Cheeseball


And if you want the flavors of pizza in a coffee-table-style snack, set out this pizza-flavored cheeseball at your next gathering!

Click through to see pizza styles across the nation:

America's pizza styles
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7 delicious pizza recipes you can actually make at home


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California Style

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Chicago Deep Dish

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Detroit Style

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New England Greek

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Colorado Style

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Tomato Pie

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Are you intimated by the idea of making pizza from scratch? Share below, and also watch the Pizza Masters show you how to make real New York style pizza!

'Pizza Masters' Stars' Classic Vodka Pizza

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