5 things Liz Goldwyn finds very, very sexy

Liz Goldwyn on "Sporting Guide"
Liz Goldwyn on "Sporting Guide"


In her visually stunning, intimate new novel, "Sporting Guide," Liz Goldwyn explores the forgotten and secretive underbelly of her native Los Angeles in the late 19th century. It's a seamy world of brothels, pimps, prostitutes, and other dwellers of the city today best-known as the home of A-list movie stars.

It's a great fit for Goldwyn who, as a kid, dreamed of opening a brothel across the street from her school. And it led to her interest in sexuality, in pleasure, in women, and in being a feminist.

Suffice to say, Goldwyn understands the art of seduction in all its many forms. Here's what she finds sexy.

Her scarlet book: "That it looks like a little red man's diary. You can peel the sticker off the back and keep it as a diary. I love a diary. I think it's good gift for a lover. If you give them a diary, all about themselves. I love a diary. Diaries are sexy."

Intimate apparel: "I like matching lingerie. I probably spend more money on lingerie than anything else. I actually don't spend that much on clothes because I buy so much vintage. In Paris, I can drop money on lingerie no problem. I like Chantal Thomass for lingerie. I love this feeling that it's something just for you. It's a little secret underneath your clothes. It gives me a lot of power in business meetings. It's this extra edge of confidence and femininity."

Openness and honesty about what goes on between the sheets: "We've got such a pervasive atmosphere of pornography but what we're not talking about is sexuality and intimacy. It's interesting what we choose as a culture to focus on and what freaks us out."

Feminism: "My first job was at Planned Parenthood as a teenager. So that turned me into the girl who everyone asked for advice. There was nowhere to go to get that information. I'm very active about being pro-choice and pro-woman. Being pro-choice and pro-woman and a feminist does not mean being anti-man. I actually think young men need our support more than ever and need to be brought up to have respect for themselves. A lot of people are afraid of being judged. But we're all struggling. Sexuality is completely fluid."

Passion in the bedroom: "I have a lot of girlfriends who have never had orgasm. I love to buy people a gift of a vibrator, a hula hoop and copy of Nina Hartley's "Guide to Total Sex." You do not know how many people I have bought those gifts for."

Here's a sneak peek at her sensual novel.

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