White man fired after racist Facebook comments about coworker's black kid

Man Loses Job Over Facebook Post
Man Loses Job Over Facebook Post

Gerod Roth, a white man who used to work at Polaris Marketing Group in Atlanta, was fired after a very controversial Facebook post. Mr. Roth uploaded a photo of himself with his coworker's black kid in the background. The man's friends wrote a number of racist comments on the post, which went viral before being taken down. Here is a screenshot with some of the comments:

Cayden Jenkins is the 3-year-old child who appears in the photo. His mother commented to Fox 5 that she was broken hearted to see people calling her kid "Kunta Kinte" and saying that they didn't know that Roth was a "slave owner." While a multitude of Roth's friends insulted the kid with shocking comments and comparisons, the man admitted of making only one remark saying that the kid was "feral."

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