Unconventional ways to use hairspray for more than keeping your fly-aways in place

How To Use Hairspray Properly
Ladies, we all know the magical beauty of a good bottle of hairspray, right? Now only is it lightweight and portable, but it actually transforms our hair from a crazy mess to flawless, flowy gold. Yes, there's no denying its greatness. But what if we were to tell you that you actually use these bottles of magic for things other than simply keeping your fly-aways in place? Well, get ready, because that's EXACTLY what we're telling you!

Aside from taming your mane, hairspray can you be used for everything from cleaning lipstick stains to removing glue residue! If we've got your attention, listen even closer -- because here are 7 amazing, everyday ways to use hairspray.

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1) Foil pesky flies

Spraying a bit of hairspray on an annoying fly will gum its wings and in essence, "shoo" it away.

2) Flower preserver

Spritzing a dried flower will keep it intact just a tad longer.

3) DIY gift wrap

Perfect for when you forget wrapping paper. Take some regular paper and spray hairspray on it for a shiny finish.

4) Self-defense spray

A perfect substitute for mace.

5) Lint lifter

A couple sprays turns a smooth cloth into a temp lint remover.

6) Strengthen stockings

The threads will be strengthened by the lacquer in the spray.

7) Static fighter

The water and alcohol calms annoying static in clothes.

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Unconventional ways to use hairspray for more than keeping your fly-aways in place

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