These amazing bacon hacks will bring new meaning to the term good morning!

Pancakes and Bacon Combine For the Greatest Breakfast Mashup
Pancakes and Bacon Combine For the Greatest Breakfast Mashup

Okay, let's be honest -- who can honestly say they don't LOVE bacon (aside from vegetarians)? We're guessing not many of you can attest to this. If we raided your fridge, you probably have bacon to last you for longer than needed, but there's no need to feel ashamed about that -- because to be perfectly honest, our fridges look the exact same way. Theres simply no denying the delicious appeal that is a nicely cooked piece of bacon.

So, if you're a fiend like we are, you're going to LOVE what we're about to say! We've got 7 bacon hacks that will actually change your life and your breakfast game. We mean it -- things will never be the same after these, you guys. From bacon cinnamon rolls to bacon pie -- take a look and ready the drool bucket.

1. Bacon pancake dippers

2. Baked bacon egg cups

3. Bacon cinnamon rolls

4. Bacon wrapped bananas

5. Bacon breakfast taco

6. Bacon pie

Click through below for more glorious ways to eat bacon:

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