News in Brief: October 6, 2015

Biden Backers Increase Activity for 2016 Presidential Bid
Biden Backers Increase Activity for 2016 Presidential Bid

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Today, Biden leaks his son's dying wish, Meryl Streep's t-shirt causes controversy, and much more. Read on for your full roundup of news in brief:

News: Biden leaked dying son's 2016 wish to the NY Times

  • According to Politico, Maureen Dowd's August column for the New York Times, which broke news that Biden's son Beau had requested his father to run in 2016 from his deathbed, had Biden as the main source.

Entertainment: Meryl Streep's controversial shirt sparks backlash

  • Meryl Streep proudly sported a t-shirt with the slogan, "I'd rather be a rebel than a slave." While it's meant to promote her new movie 'Suffragettes', people are not happy with Streep and this quote.

Tech: You can fight holographic robots with this wearable hologram

  • HoloLens is creating a wearable headset with a lens that will combine augmented reality with full visual and audio input. It will allow people to fight holographic robots. Talk about a new pastime!

Sports: JR Smith hits half-court shot to win $30,000 for a military member

  • JR Smith swished a half-court shot and followed it up with his trademark windmill-air-guitar celebration. The play happened following Cleveland's annual Wine and Gold intra-squad scrimmage. By draining the shot, Smith won $30,000 for a military member.

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