New device aims to decode dogs' wagging tails

New Device Aims To Decode Dogs' Wagging Tails

Wouldn't it be nice to know what your dog's tail was telling you?

One startup claims it has the technology to do exactly that.

Dogstar Life's TailTalk device is an emotional sensor that's sort of like a Fitbit for dogs.

It's a small, water-and chew-resistant band that attaches to a dog's tail; the company says it's adjustable and should fit "dogs and tails of any size."

The sensor captures the trajectory of tail-wagging and decodes that information into what the company claims is an accurate representation of a dog's mood—based on the latest research, of course.

Left-wagging is allegedly associated with negative emotions while right-wagging is said to be evidence of more positive thoughts.

That information is then sent from the device itself to a pet owner's phone where apps for iOS and Android chart out the dog's daily emotional state via line graph.

Some of the emotions users can expect to see are "happy," "stressed," and "euphoric."

DogStar Life is currently crowdfunding for the device via Indiegogo and hopes to raise $100,000 in order to continue software development and ready the hardware for production.

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New device aims to decode dogs' wagging tails
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