'Nancy Drew' is being developed for television because we all still miss 'Veronica Mars'

CBS Might Bring Nancy Drew Back, but With a Twist
CBS Might Bring Nancy Drew Back, but With a Twist

CBS has green-lit the development of the long-running and beloved institution known as Nancy Drew. Former "Grey's Anatomy" executive producers Joan Rater and Tony Phelan are co-writing and will produce it alongside Dan Jinks, a producer on "American Beauty." The Nancy Drew franchise has undergone numerous iterations since its conception as a series in the 1930s: Bonita Granville starred as the young detective in the late '30s; the books themselves were rewritten; there was an ABC show "The Hardy Boys"/"Nancy Drew Mysteries" in the '70s; "Scream Queens'" Emma Roberts starred as the detective in 2007 movie; and, of course, it's a computer game. The CBS project would be a contemporary reimagining of her character as a super-sleuth NYPD detective in her 30s. She isn't afraid of these mice! Except maybe pizza rat. That thing is horrifying.

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