Michael Bennett blames JFK death on Matthew Stafford

Kam Chancellor, Seahawks Stun Lions
Kam Chancellor, Seahawks Stun Lions

Michael Bennett hates Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford because his people killed president John F. Kennedy.

Curtis Crabtree is a Seattle-based reporter who covers the Seattle Seahawks, Mariners, and Huskies, and shared Bennett's sage words with the Twitterverse.

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JFK was indeed assassinated in Dallas, Texas nearly 52 years ago, but it was not a Dallas-sponsored assassination. If he hates all people from Dallas, he also hates fellow NFL players Jared Allen, Michael Crabtree, Marshall Newhouse, Terrance Williams, and Brice McCain.

Bennett spent four years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before becoming a productive defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks. He also has roots in Texas having attended Alief Taylor High School in Harris County and then Texas A & M.

Twitter loved what Bennett had to say. From their reaction it is possible this statement is the second best thing Bennett has ever done (second to hijacking the security guy's bike after the NFC championship and riding it around the stadium).

Keeping things fresh and current by discussing an event that doesn't get enough press, according to some:

He's appealing to hipsters, too, apparently.

His brother, Chicago Bears TE Martellus Bennett, also has a way with words:

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