McDonald's makes history on Oct. 6 with all-day breakfast launch

McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Kicks Off
McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Kicks Off

After an excruciating yet worthy wait, the highly anticipated McDonald's all-day breakfast has finally arrived. McMuffin fiends may now flock to McD's any time the cravings hit regardless of the hour. Just to state the obvious, this is kind of a big deal.

After McDonald's first announced that it will begin serving all-day breakfast on Tuesday, October 6, the Internet went into a complete frenzy. The daily meal sequence that once structured our daily routines (and thus everything we thought we knew about anything) was suddenly shattered and we were left with the terrifying yet exhilarating freedom to indulge in a McD's breakfast sandwich anytime we choose.

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Now that the fantasy has become a reality, McD's lovers are taking to social media to express their gratitude, critiques and everything in between with regard to the new and improved all-day breakfast ordeal.

The biggest upset so far may be the lack of all-day hash browns at some select locations. McDonald's spokeswoman Linda McComb told Buzzfeed that some restaurants aren't able to make hash browns all day due to restaurant configuration issues.

Nevertheless, today marks a stepping stone in history that will be remembered by breakfast lovers and McD's enthusiasts alike. Go crazy, world! There's no stopping us now.

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