Martina Faulkner, the Author of "What If..?" is changing how we see life coaching

Life coach and Reiki practitioner Martina Faulkner's individually paved path has led her to incredible things, including her new -- and first -- book, "What If..? How to Create the Life You Want Using the Power of Possibility."

Faulkner's emotional and mental foundation is based on a phrase she developed and shares with her clients: "The quality of your life is based on the choices you make."

Here are a set of 10 guidelines that are specific to the process of focusing on what you want to change or create in your life:

  1. Start small.

  2. Write it down.

  3. Use action words.

  4. Use the positive expression of a word.

  5. Take ownership.

  6. Be consistent and repetitive.

  7. Use visualization.

  8. Feelings matter

  9. "Or better."

  10. Be open.

When Faulkner's family went through a medical crisis in 2006, she knew she had to leave corporate America and go home to help out. Three years later, she was certified as a life coach, and she has been writing ever since.

She recalls getting into virtual work with psychotherapy, and recognizes that there's a lot of pushback in psychotherapy when it comes to working virtually.

Faulkner's book, "What If..?", leaves readers with one big and amazing message: You absolutely have the power to change your own life.

You can buy her book on Amazon today!

For more information about Reiki, see the video below:

Learn how to Use the Healing Energy of Reiki
Learn how to Use the Healing Energy of Reiki