Cate Blanchett once received raw sausage instead of candy on Halloween

'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Cate Blanchett Celebrated Halloween in Australia
'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Cate Blanchett Celebrated Halloween in Australia

Making her rounds for the movie "Truth," Academy Award winning actress Cate Blanchett stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to chat about the movie, and Halloween.

Growing up in Australia, Blanchett told Kimmel that Halloween wasn't something they celebrated in her suburb, but being that her father was from Texas, he made sure it became a tradition.

When you normally go out trick-or-treating, you come back with candy, lots and lots of candy. And sometimes some floss from that dentist who just won't budge. Cate Blanchett had a bit of a different experience when she first went out trick-or-treating in Melbourne, Australia.

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Because no one celebrated the holiday, Blanchett told Kimmel that no one understood the exchange system, so she once received raw sausage and tissues...instead of candy.

Watch the hilarious video above to see what else she received. Needless to say, we are happy that Halloween is now celebrated in Australia, because no one wants raw sausage in their candy bag.

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