Baby with extremely rare defect born with one eye in middle of forehead

A tragic photo of a baby born with only one eye and no nose has been circulating the Internet. The baby is being referred to as "baby cyclops" due to the comparisons drawn with the mythical cyclops.

WARNING: The photo of the baby is graphic and may be upsetting. You can view the photo here.

The baby suffers from cyclopia, one of the rarest birth defects that often causes children to die within moments of birth. The baby only has one eye because his eye sockets did not form correctly in the womb.

Doctors believe that the birth defect could be resultant of a combination of medicines that the mother took. Or, if the mother was exposed to radiation while pregnant, the radiation could have caused the deformity in the child. The Egyptian mother gave birth at a private hospital in El Senbellawein.

Dr. Ahmed Badruddin, the baby's doctor, says that the boy has a full head of hair and very large ears. In addition to only having one eye, the baby has a number of other deformities on his body.

The family, who is receiving counseling, released a picture of the child that has since gone viral. Unfortunately, due to the infant's condition, he is only expected to survive a few more days. Our hearts go out to the baby's family as they provide love and care to their child in his last few days.

Watch this video to learn about a baby who was born without eyes and how his family copes with the challenge:

Family Of Baby Born Without Eyes Shares Story
Family Of Baby Born Without Eyes Shares Story

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