This is the A-lister who made Shay Mitchell totally fangirl out



When ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" returns for the second installment of its sixth season, there might be wrinkle in time. Or not.

"We are actually going to be aging five years, doing a five-year jump," says Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields. "When you see us next, it will be five years later. All the girls will have gone off and lived their lives and something brings them back. We just wrapped on Friday."

The biggest difference is more about demeanor than apparance: "It's just how we carried ourselves," she says.

The show has a massive, passionate and very vocal social media following. "It's very insane. We were one of the first shows to be the trailblazers. It was a cool way to interact with the fans. The ratings around the world started happening. What's this trending?" says Mitchell.

Shay Mitchell visits AOL Hq for Build on October 5, 2015 in New York. Photos by Noam Galai
Shay Mitchell visits AOL Hq for Build on October 5, 2015 in New York. Photos by Noam Galai

And yes, that manifests itself in very strange fan encounters. "I've seen variations of my face tattooed, on an arm, a calf. It's so flattering but -- wow," she says.

Mitchell plans on taking it easy, now that "PLL" has wrapped. Also in the can: "Mother's Day" in Atlanta, with Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston. "I had to catch myself. All my scenes were with Jennifer. I grew up watching her on TV. She was so amazing. Everybody knows she's funny but she's genuinely hilarious. Her improv skills -- she'll just go off. I can't tell you anything (bad) about her. I fangirled out," she says.

A few things you may not know about Mitchell: She's a germaphobe. She sings in the shower to Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra, without knowing the actual lyrics. And the one body part she'd insure: "My legs."

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