College professor postpones exam for Cubs game after student's convincing email

Preparing for college exams is never easy. It takes pages of note-taking, hours of textbook-reading and copious coffee-drinking to even begin to feel prepared for a test. Add an MLB game on top and it's almost impossible, right?

That's essentially what one college student told his professor.

When University of Illinois Ubana-Champaign student Ben Larson found out that his midterm was scheduled for the day after his beloved Chicago Cubs, he emailed the professor, begging to reschedule the exam. The Chicago-based MLB team clinched eight straight wins against the Milwaukee Brewers this week and are up against the Pittsburgh Pirates in a wild-card game this week.

Larson explains to the professor:

I'll be perfectly blunt with you. My whole life my family and I have been die hard Cubs fans. Wednesday night will be the Cubs wile card game in Pittsburgh and we were able to get tickets.

He asks for the professor to postpone the exam because he would not be able to make it back in time to take it.

%shareLinks-quote="I understand your policy but was possibly hoping you might have a soft spot for the Cubs since, well, it's the Cubs and they're in the playoffs." type="quote" author="Ben Larson" authordesc="University of Illinois student" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Surprisingly, the professor, "Dave," understood Larson's plight, replying to the email:

%shareLinks-quote="If it were any other team, I would hesitate. But the universe gives cubs fans only so many post-game seasons. They must be savored." type="quote" author="Dave" authordesc="University of Illinois Professor" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Larson screenshotted the hilarious exchange and posted it on Twitter.

Someone nominate this guy for Professor of the Year.

We're sure Larson will appreciate the baseball game much more than these sorority girls did:

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Sportscasters Mock Sorority Girls Taking Selfies at Baseball Game

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