These taco recipes will have your taste buds jumping this National Taco Day


What's your favorite lunch or dinner meal? Some may say pizza, while others may say chicken or pasta. But here's the thing, we believe that not many things on this food-filled earth quite beat the taste of a delicious taco. Lucky for us, it's National Taco Day, and (for obvious reasons) we couldn't be more ecstatic.

Did you know that last year alone Americans consumed over 4.5 BILLION tacos?! Now, that's a lot of munchin'. Known as a day to embrace the countless variations you can create using only meat, garnishes, shells and greens -- National Taco Day is basically everything good about life. So, naturally, on this glorious day we've got 10 yummy taco recipes just for you. Take a peek at the slideshow above and get cooking!

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How to Make a Taco Bell-Style Hard-Shell Taco at Home

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