After losing daughter in crash, family overjoyed when her phone, last photos found intact

Six Months After Daughter Dies in Crash, Family Receives Phone with Photos
Six Months After Daughter Dies in Crash, Family Receives Phone with Photos

After losing their daughter in a horrific car crash, a family is rejoicing after her cellphone and last photos were discovered intact.

Twenty-year-old nursing student Emily Clark, who died in the crash, loved taking video and selfies with her iPhone. She made sure to snap lots of pictures of every happy occasion on her cellphone

"She loved people, helping people," a family member told INSIDE EDITION.

She loved her family, her boyfriend, and her sorority sisters. But just as she was about to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse, tragedy struck.

She was among several other nursing students who were killed when a tractor trailer barreled into their cars on a highway near Savannah, Georgia in April.

Her devastated parents assumed her cellphone had been destroyed in the fiery accident, and along with it, the precious last photos of their daughter's life that they would never get to see.

But then her younger sister, Hailey, had a dream. It seemed Emily was guiding her. Hailey and her dad searched in vain for the phone at the site where Emily died.

"I could see the phone and it was at the crash," Hailey said of her dream.

Like a bolt from the blue, six months after Emily's death came a call from police investigators. A cellphone had been found at the crash site, exactly where Emily had told Hailey where it was in her dream.

The iPhone was turned over to the family. The life she left behind in pictures was theirs.

"It definitely brings joy to our heart, like she had come alive," said a family member.

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