Unbelievable! Watch dolphin retrieve dancer's phone after she dropped it in the ocean

Watch Dolphin Retrieve Miami Heat Dancer's Phone After Dropping It In Ocean


An astonishing video shows how a dolphin retrieved a dancer's phone after she accidentally dropped it in the ocean.

Teressa Cee, a model, actress and dancer for the Miami Heat basketball team, was in the Bahamas for a poster shoot.

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She and the other dancers also got a chance to swim with the dolphins.

She asked her friend to hold her phone but he accidentally dropped it into the ocean.

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She feared her phone would be lost forever at the bottom of the Atlantic. But one of the animal trainers blew a whistle and a dolphin came to the rescue.

Cee told INSIDE EDITION: "He swam over and looked around and saw the phone a brought it up... I was blown away, I had no idea he could pick it up."

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