Reporter drops his microphone ... in a sousaphone

A Reporter Drops the Mic — in a Sousaphone

What do you get when you cross a sousaphone with a microphone? We don't know -- but it sure does make for a great news story.

KSAZ reporter Cory McCloskey suffered a moment of embarrassment when he stuck his microphone in a band player's sousaphone only to have it fall right in.

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His fellow anchors' reaction? Laughter.

McCloskey had to get the sousaphone player to bend over to retrieve the mic -- and he himself even had to lie on his back at one point.

Not to mention, outlets couldn't decide if it was a sousaphone or a tuba.

"He lost his microphone in a tuba," Fox News reporter Steve Doocy said.

"Which is more embarrassing, to be the guy who dropped the mic, or the guy who knows the difference between a tuba and a sousaphone?" Jimmy Kimmel said.

Actually, a sousaphone is a type of tuba. A sousaphone is easier to carry and is used for marching. Don't get too obsessed with the difference. Jimmy Kimmel will make fun of you. And don't drop a microphone in one. Your co-workers will make fun of you.

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